About Me

Rick Habecker

Rick Habecker

I’m a former member of the main stream media.  I worked in that field in a time when as an institution it still exhibited some sense of pride in being relevant, objective and driven to fair play.  More specifically, between March of 1979 to late 1982, I was a general assignments reporter working for two broadcast news outlets (KWTX-TV & KNCT-FM) in the Bell, Coryell and Williamson County areas of Central Texas.  I covered the police and court beats which lead to an interest in & eventual employment in law enforcement.  For most of the last twenty years I’ve served as an in-house private investigator for various Austin law firms, and a contract P.I. for others.

As I aged I began to ask myself if there wasn’t something more to our earthly existence.  Is life on this earth all there is?  I found I just didn’t have enough faith to follow the Darwinian theory (mind you, even if they called it “Darwinian fact”) or the cults for explanations about how we got to be us and what comes after.  That’s when I began to re-examine the one, true expert on this subject.  One who just happened to leave us a written legacy we call the “Holy Bible.”  I wanted to know better just what Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, was trying to say to us despite the wall of differences in language, culture and custom the last 2000 years has created.

My re-look at Him, and those who have been influenced by Him, have given me a new found respect for how He made and continues to make a positive impact on our world.  It brought me from being a lukewarm follower to a firm, born again believer in Him.  No matter your life’s path I hope it includes accepting Jesus the Christ as your personal savior.  I hope these articles will bring you to an acceptance of  His grace or edify the belief you may already have in Him.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. How will the next generation read the 1611 Authorized King James Bible?

    Pure{ heart }Bible

    • I suppose that since printed books are considered out of step with what the world calls a modern way to gain information that the 1611 KJV will only be available via some electronic means and thus further distanced from the conscience thinking of the average person.

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