Suffering Post-Trump Victory Anger?

A liberal church pastor shared his general disgust over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss in our local newspaper this week.   I hope that before anyone like him seeks a safe zone, or the comfort of a stuffed therapy toy they will try to put ourselves in the shoes of the first generations of Christians.

First, real Christians know they’re aliens in a temporary world. Our souls mortal existence is a temporary stay.  It’s like sitting in a bus or airport terminal is all about reaching a future destination.  If there’s any doubt about this fact perhaps you’re not born again after all.  Second, if you really are a pseudo Christian grinding your teeth over the next four years it could be worse.  Read on.

The real deal Christians were despised and hunted down, suspected of cannibalism because of an ignorance of what partaking of the sacraments was about. They were considered insurrectionists, even atheists because they wouldn’t worship the Caesars or the pagan gods. There were the accusations of immorality, specifically incest, because they called each other brother and sisters of the faith, and home wreckers when a spouse accepted Christ but the other didn’t leading to broken homes. They were blamed for inciting slave revolts, since when a slave accepted Christ he had a new dignity in Christ, and a new value for the dignity of work.  This was counter-productive to the accepted economy of slave keeping.

Amazingly early leaders like the apostle Peter didn’t call for physical action.  There was no call to hit the streets to protest or destroy.  Instead Peter taught what Yeshua taught: the faithful were taught to live peaceful, godly, virtuous lives with an attitude of submission (something ancient pagans saw as cowardice and powerlessness) to silence their critics.  They followed Proverbs 24:21, not associating with those promoting rebellion; and Jeremiah 29:4, living their lives and praying to the Lord for the general welfare of even their oppressors. Keep in mind these were Jews suffering in times when they had ungodly kings and eventually were under Babylonian captivity.

It is the hard times when we see who our real Christian leaders are and aren’t.  Faithful Christian leaders accept that no matter who leads this nation or any other God is in control.  They remind their flocks to follow those first Christian teachings to go about their lives, live in peace, obey the civil authorities and trust in God.  How’s your local pastor doing since November 8th?

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