Reel Heresies & Opportunities Thanks to Hollywood

There must surely be talk Noah2014Posterin Hollywood already about what Oscar nominations will be made for the newly released “Noah” a movie loosely based on the great biblical flood. It’s produced by an industry dominated by ungodly people. It’s directed by a devote atheist who’s described it as the least Biblical biblical film he’s ever made. The central character is portrayed as the first environmentalist yet some are still surprised that it’s an ungodly film!

After only its first weekend at the theaters Box Office Mojo shows receipts exceed $15 million dollars, revealing it’s a very popular film, that will likely feed the purely mammon based ambitions of its producers, and the ideology of its director.

This isn’t the first off the mark biblical film to come along.  They’ve been around since the 1920’s, always made to capture the attention of Christian audiences thereby generating more profits just like the films targeted to the spiritually lost.  You’ve probably seen many of them and appreciate that because of limitations on time, bad writing, or just plain lousy film making techniques even epics like The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur films had their setbacks but this ark picture sinks because of what can only an outright anti-Christian bias!

2014 has more biblical films are on the way.  We’ve already seen the release of Son of God, now the flood movie, and coming soon a new Exodus.  The Christian Film Database reports that in just the month of April ’14, will come the release of Christian’s Carole; My Dream Beside Me; Apostle Paul, a Polite Bribe; Acts of God; The Gabby Douglas Story; Black Nativity; Veil of Tears; and When Calls the Heart.

As Christians we can stand on the sidelines and condemn and criticize them as being deliberately or honest intentioned but un-biblical, or we can use them to evangelize. If any of these movies come up in conversation at home, church, work or over the backyard fence, we could turn the discussion to what the Bible really says that’s relevant and maybe bring some of the spiritually lost to an interest in leading to an acceptance of the Christ as their personal savior. Even pseudo-Christians may see the error of their ways and become real born again fundamentalists. For what man intends for evil He uses to his advantage. (Don’t expect to find that in any film. Look instead to Genesis 50:20).

Perhaps you feel you just have to see the film in order to comment on it? That’s a legitimate concern as firsthand knowledge is absolutely the best. Then again maybe you’re like me. I don’t want to reward the Hollywood machine so I rely on trusted, Christian film critiques. There are lots of them: Beginning and End;; and The Christian Post, to name a few.  Heck, you may even be able to do some profound teaching just using what those who’ve seen it will tell you about it!

In the case of Noah, we could tell others how the Genesis 6 account is different in so many key ways and how 2 Peter 3:1-7, reminds us that prior to the great flood scoffers about God’s judgment abounded as they do now but His anger then as now is mercifully slow. If it’s ignored long enough His wrath will come with overwhelming supernatural power resulting in disaster flick type special effects for real, not reel.

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