The Spanish Inquisition, Christians at Their Worst, Right?

The Spanish Inquisition, Christians at Their Worst, Right?

The Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, The Spanish Inquisition, sometimes just referred to as the “Inquisition” was a standing campaign of imprisonment, property confiscation and destruction, torture, and execution that lasted from the 15th to almost the middle of the 19th Century.   It was instigated by the Holy Roman Catholic church and carried out by it and its minions who held power all over Europe.

The vast majority of its victims were Protestant believers who simply wanted things like:  the Holy Bible translated from Latin into their native tongues.  They wanted these bibles to be distributed freely.  But this could not be since this would pose a threat to the strangle hold of influential power the Holy Roman church held over the general populace.  The few who were fortunate to learn what the Holy Bible really said (or didn’t say) about things like indulgences, purgatory, and praying for the dead had to be rooted out, tortured then eventually killed.

No scholar contests the court records of the inquisitors who were very clearly not Christians at all. They were members of the Holy Roman church and they condemned to death Christians who believed in, translated, or who taught the Holy Scriptures.  Like Judas these “Christians” in name only, demonstrated they would do anything to retain that power and influence.

Anyone who has read Foxes Book of Martyrs, or similar historical records of the cruel persecutions endured by the Waldensians, the Huguenots and other Protestant reformers, will know that the Spanish Inquisition was anti-Christian. It happened at a time of blatant corruption, when priesthoods, bishop and even papal seats were bought and sold. There were many ungodly men dominating all levels of leadership of the Holy Roman church who protected their positions to make good on their respective “investments.”  An illiterate and biblically ignorant populace was most necessary for their ambitions.

Contrary to the modern dogma that the Spanish Inquisition was an event of Christians persecuting non-Christians, (which is taught in schools, colleges, and the mainstream media) is the very opposite of the historical reality. It was an anti-Christian persecution of Protestant believers.

See Fox’s Book of Martyrs at:

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